If baby bees had knees they'd be wearing these! As the mom of an almost six-month-old Lil Guy, I feel I need to be ready for anything! He already has two teeth coming in, and has figured out a way to pivot himself all around the house. He has successfully gotten up on both his hands and knees for a couple of seconds, with no forward movement yet. But when he does move ahead. I'll be ready with these hip and adorable outfits from PeeWee Patch Kids. They come with one-of-a-kind padded knee protectors built into the pants.  My Lil Guy already loves wearing the "My Handyman" style. They are very handy indeed.  Even if I wasn't friends with new business owner Jessica, I'd still buy them! Because you have to crawl before you can walk. ~ What new products have you found to solve age-old baby problems? ~