Credit: Habitot Children's Museum
As an artist in a former life, I am always looking for new craft projects that are easy to do at home.  I asked Lauren Levin, Development Associate at Habitot Children's Museum, for a new crafting idea. She gave me the directions for Ice Cube Painting, a project that was recently featured in Habitot's Tot-Mail as well.  

Ice Cube Painting 
Materials: ice cube trays; food coloring; water; popsicle sticks; paper and coffee filters (optional) 
1. Mix Concentrated solutions of water and food color in a measuring cup.
2. Fill each cube of an ice cube tray with one of the colored waters.
3. Insert a popsicle stick into each cube to make the cubes easier to handle after freezing.
4. Freeze ice cube trays 24 hours.
5. When ready to paint, spread paper on table.
6. Pop out frozen colored cubes and let children paint on paper with the ice cubes.
7. For something different, paint on coffee filters or other textured paper and see what happens. 

Very nice.  Can't wait to try this at home. 
~ Parents: What craft projects do your tots enjoy? ~



01/06/2010 14:55

Very cool!

01/06/2010 15:46

What a cool idea!

01/06/2010 17:41

Love it! I'm looking for fun crafty things do do with S, S & A! Sari especially is really getting into the craft stuff :-)

01/07/2010 19:11

I will prepare this now for my students tomorrow. I love it. So easy and so fun.

01/07/2010 22:14

Great, so glad! Let us know how it turns out!! Our cubes are in the freezer too, will use them tomorrow!

01/25/2010 12:24

What a neat ice-wintery themed idea! Cool :-)

Also like your new site logo!


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