I didn't make up this idea, but I did make these for my friend (and reading specialist) Melissa's daughter's third birthday party!  The party theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and although we live out of town I wanted to help. The original I saw used little pretzel sticks and grapes. Since I would be mailing these I needed sturdier and less perishable snacks. I chose the Jumbo Raisin Medley and Multi-Grain Pretzel Nuggets, both from Trader Joe's. I filled one half of a zip top snack size bag with each treat and twisted a pipe cleaner around the middle to create the antennae. Tiny made some too which we brought to a local backyard playdate. The crafty treats were enjoyed by all. These would also be fun to make using pieces of colored tissue paper in each side. They would last longer too. ~ What  creative treats do you serve at playdates or parties? ~



05/15/2011 20:52

These were the best! Thanks again for the scrumptious and super cute treats! :)


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