We took Tiny on her first camping trip when she was 13-months-old and not quite walking on her own yet. We did a one night trial, had a lot of fun and learned some things too! We've gone on two longer trips since then, and are looking forward to starting back up this spring.  Our friend Meredith from our Austin Monday Mommies group recently emailed me asking for some tot camping tips. Here was my reply: So fun that you're going camping, where?  If it will be cold I'd bring a hat and mittens/socks for her hands for sleeping.  The first time we went we used a little pad and blankets for Tiny, but after that we did the pad and kid sleeping bag, just make sure she won't turn around or get trapped in the bottom, you can tie something around it to make it the right length for her.  Another option is an air mattress and blankets for all of you.  A mini camping chair is great for the campfire and mealtimes.  Bubbles are a must!  You may want an extra flashlight for her to play with, coloring materials and whatever other books/toys of course, balls/frisbee.  Marshmallows are messy, but fun and worth it!  I would also recommend those baby cloth wipes with soap in them for in between bath/showers or especially if you're only going for one night.  It's fun to let them get dirty, but at a certain time clean-up is needed!  Keens have been great shoes for camping.  I'm sure you have a hiking backpack, but she may want to hike a  little or for sure race all around the site. We also lay out a big tarp at the entrance to the tent, keeps the inside of the tent cleaner, and gives a nice cleanish are for kids to play.  And try to find the most level tent spot you can.  Napping was our only issue, ended up driving her around so she'd sleep.  Have fun, want to see pics! I answered all her questions, but I don't think they've gone yet. Maybe this spring! ~ Parents: Do you have any tot camping tips? ~